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Prevention of Wounds

There are a variety of ways to prevent chronic wounds or help the healing process if a chronic wound is present.

To prevent a chronic wound from developing you must check your body often. Even the most minor wound can become a chronic wound without proper care and knowledge. Check your feet and ankles every day if you suffer from a medical condition that can compromise your lower extremities such as diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, or any other venal conditions. If you have a hard time seeing your feet or ankles, ask a loved one to help you. If a wound is found, be sure to see a podiatrist if it does not show improvement within the first week or two.

Be sure to closely monitor your medical conditions. Management of diabetes by maintaining optimal glucose levels is essential to preventing nerve damage. If you already suffer from nerve damage as a result of diabetes or diabetic neuropathy make sure to visit your podiatrist at least yearly and see a podiatrist immediately if you have a wound on the feet or ankles.

Other keys to preventing a chronic wound include quitting smoking, eating nutrient dense foods, moisturizing to prevent dryness and cracking on the feet, the utilization of support stockings to increase circulation, wearing diabetic footwear, and moderate exercise to increase blood flow to the lower extremities.

To aid in the healing process, the main thing is to follow your podiatrist's directions closely. They will give you instructions on home care and tell you what to watch for if there is a problem. Do not hesitate at any time to call your doctors office with concerns or questions if you are being treated for a chronic wound. The staff will be happy to assist you and will make the doctor available to you if needed.

Monitoring any medical conditions closely, quitting smoking, and watching your diet are all key elements to the healing process as well. Be sure to rest and take it easy as re-injury is possible and can stall whatever progress you have achieved.

A chronic wound is treatable if it is taken care of as soon as possible. Complications will be few and you will be on your feet again in no time if you follow your podiatrist's individualized plan for wound care and healing.